Panic Center

Welcome to Panic Center Beta 3.0

The Panic Center offers personalized, interactive tools that have helped thousands of people challenge and overcome their anxiety and panic.

We also offer the Panic Program, an interactive online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) course. We invite you to read more about the program, or if you’re ready go straight to the free registration. Registering also gives you posting privileges in the anonymous online Support Group.

If you think you might have anxiety or panic, we encourage you to read more about symptoms and begin to think about questions you can ask your doctor. You can take the Anxiety Test (WB-DAT) for a confidential, detailed assessment of your symptoms.

How Can the Panic Center Help Me?
Each person has unique goals in their treatment. Some wish to overcome specific fears, while others may be tired of going to the emergency room with panic symptoms. Whatever your motivation, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a common and very effective treatment for anxiety and panic. You can use this program whether or not you are taking medication, and whether or not you are currently seeing a therapist or mental health professional.

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Information for Health Care Professionals: About Panic Disorder, Symptoms and Diagnosis and Diagnosis and Treatment.