"I am working my way through the program, and have just finished session one. Although I'd already read every bit of information that I could get my hands on the subject of panic and anxiety, the information in this program seems to make everything click. It makes more sense now, and it's easier to relate the knowledge to my own situation. I think this could be very beneficial for me. :) Thanks again."

"Follow the program. Learn to beat it not just live with it...I know I'm getting older and life is getting harder but I now have the skill to handle it. I know I can post here if I have to and talking about it helps as you can see by my and other people’s posts. If I get another panic attack I won't be surprised. After all, the first one came with no warning, but now I can control it, not it me. That is a really good feeling "

"This is the first time I have really felt hope that I will be able to live a normal, anxiety free life. You are in the right place."

"I would encourage everyone to challenge your fears and do the CBT work.  It's scary, but it works.  Thank you very much for your encouragement."

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